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Date 2011-03-03
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Derek Olive

Derek Olive’s debut album, Our Passing Nows, is a delicious blend of perceptive lyrics and unique instrumental guitar work, reminiscent of everyone from Bruce Cockburn to Michael Hedges. From light-hearted looks at relationships to insightful appraisals of modern-day society, Derek’s ability to turn a phrase has impressed audiences on both coasts of North America. On Our Passing Nows, Derek is backed by musicans who are well known on the Montreal scene: Denis Chiché (Corneille) on percussion and drums, Geoff Holbrook (Flotilla) on bass and Marianne Trudel on the piano. The instrumental guitar work, whether laying down a groove or an unfolding melody, is for the consummate guitar lover or the uninitiated.

Derek studied classical guitar for over 15 years in Montreal, Quebec. His past endeavors have included a six-song demo with internationally renowned jazz cellist Eric Longsworth (2002) and a featured appearance on Amnesty International’s Voices Rising cd (2005). In 2003 Derek had the privilege of opening for legendary folk singer Peggy Seeger. Derek has performed at a wide range of festivals including the Northwest Folklife Festival (Seattle, Washington, USA, 2003) and the Ottawa Chamber Festival (2004).

Derek loves the mountains and has spent a considerable amount of time exploring peaks in Banff and Jasper as well as in the coastal mountains of B.C. He's also an avid cyclist and loves to travel with his bike. He has cycled in Mexico (2002), Eastern Europe (2003) and the Atlantic Provinces (2005). Derek is co-founder of the Montreal-based group Rhythmic Earth Stewards, a non-profit organization that raises money through concerts for community-based organizations who are trying to remedy environmental and social injustices. Derek is also founder of the Montreal Fingerstyle Guitar Association.

Derek plays a Model G3.

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